Featuring utmost OMOTENASHI hospitality for a taste of the Japanese four-seasons.

You can choose to enjoy your meals in luxurious private rooms or be impressed at the counter seats
by witnessing our skillful chefs preparing your dishes in front of you.
With the spacious dining area, you can spend quality time with your important person with a peace of mind.
On the first floor, we have counter seats for solo diners to enjoy the meal and drinks in serenity,
and we have private rooms catering for groups of 5-8pax.
On the second floor,
we have a private room catering for groups up to 20 pax.

We shaped the dining space to cater to various functions. You can organize business and corporate events,
casual gatherings, birthday & anniversary celebrations, and memorable moments with your loved ones.
We hope you will have a blessed and wonderful moment with us here to enjoy a fantastic dining experience.