about us


Indulge with the handpicked seasonal ingredients
by the love from the Japanese four-seasons.

Enjoy the warm and authentic setting for an exquisite epicurean journey.

The culture of "Kan" (Warm / Hot Sake) is part of the utmost Japanese OMOTENASHI hospitality.
Warming sake is similar to refined culinary.
It takes time and needs to be prepared wholeheartedly to provide serenity and relaxation.
We are inspired to provide a place for diners who are busy in life to have peace of mind while enjoying dining with us.
So, we named the store "Chirori" , a pitcher immersed in hot water to warm sake.
We sincerely look forward to welcoming you with dishes and drinks inspired by the Japanese four-seasons.
We are committed to offering a multi-sensory dining experience to our diners through our signature dishes,
OMOTENASHI hospitality, and tranquil atmosphere.

  • meal


    Handpicked ingredients,
    fine gastronomic experiences

    Discover how our chefs dish up authentically to match the freshness
    and quality of freshly sourced seasonal ingredients.

  • Interior


    Featuring utmost OMOTENASHI hospitality for a taste of the Japanese four-seasons.

    You can choose to enjoy your meals in luxurious private rooms or be impressed at the counter seats by witnessing the skillful chefs preparing your dishes in front of you.





A hideaway restaurant that stands quietly in the back alley, a delicating OMOTENASHI space for your gastronomic experiences.

A three-minute walk from JR Omiya Station East Exit.
Across Omiya Takashimaya, right behind the SMBC Building.